Neuroowl is a repository of notes related to Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This website attempts to understand the principles of intelligence and share the knowledge using precise language and clear visuals. The topics discussed are certainly not exhaustive and the ideas will change due to fresh perspectives, clarifications, and corrections. This website is currently under construction so please pardon any incomplete topics.

Why "owl"?

The owl, a solitary and nocturnal birds of prey, has been used by cultures across the world in symbolism and mythology. Generally, Western culture associates owls with knowledge and intelligence, inheriting the symbolism from the ancient Greek city of Athens, known for scholarship, and its patron goddess of wisdom, Athena. Many African, Native American, and Mesoamerican cultures associate owls with death and supernatural danger. These two concepts, intelligence and danger, form the essence of ideas surrounding AI in contemporary culture.

Artificial Intelligence may be the last invention mankind need ever make. All of Mankind's advancements in technology, art, society, and culture has been developed through the cognitive efforts of many men and women. Technology that can match or exceed the cognitive capabilities of the biological brains could potentially multiply Mankind's chances of survival and levels of prosperity to unparalleled levels. However, the dangers posed by intelligence technology with contra-human motivations could be disasterous. Thus the owl is a fitting metaphor for this type of technology.